How to download and print PDF PATTERN

Patterns are prepared for A4 paper. You can print the pattern to suit your own print paper settings.

1. OPEN THE PATTERN with PDF viewer. Adobe Acrobat is generally best. You can download the free Acrobat reader here:

After you choose File>Print and your print dialogue box opens, set the print scale at 100%. Do not check “Scale to Fit.”

Befor you print, make sure page scaling is turned OFF!!!

Print out your pattern pages, print your 10 cm test square and measure it to check it that it has been printed to scale. 


From every page, trim off the left and top margins. Tape together matching up numbers/leters: 2C should match with 2C.

Once the pages are all trimmed you can start putting them together. Line up the triangles and all pattern lines and use clear tape to tape the pages together.

Match the alphanumeric symbols on the edge of each page.

Once all your pages are taped together, cut out your pattern pieces just as you would pattern tissue.

Have a crafty day 🖤

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